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Improve Your Immune System While Living Abroad

When a student goes abroad to study, the last kind of disaster that they would want is for their health to take a sudden toll. Well, a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, and regular exercise can do wonders for boosting your immune system. Of course, there are several other factors as well, which can help you do this. 

Your immune system is the barrier that fights off the disease-causing virus and germs, making you stronger and healthier. While most people are born with a decent immune system, it is still possible for you to strengthen or weaken this immune system by the kind of lifestyle you have.

A stronger immune system means that you fall sick lesser, are healthier overall, and can easily fight off germs and viruses.  If you are going abroad for studies, then contributing to boosting your immune system can be a good strategy.

You will most probably be faced with several foreign factors, many of them uncontrollable, like a new diet and lifestyle, a change in climate and weather, and even a difference in your daily levels of activity. 

It is also important to note that several factors can weaken your immune system over time, such as stress, age, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and environment. However, by making specific changes, it is possible to boost your immune system once again. 

Here are a few things that you can do to boost your immune system and stay your healthiest when you are abroad. 

Exercise Regularly 

We have all heard how important it is for us to exercise regularly to keep our body fit. However, there are also links between good mental health as well as boosted immunity with regular exercising. Exercising also plays a significant role in the brain health of individuals. 

There are many forms of exercising, and you can always choose whichever type of exercise you prefer. Something even as small as 20 minutes of walking or running a day can help you see tangible results in your health and fitness levels. 

For those students who can, going to the gym is also an excellent option for regular fitness. Extracurricular activities like playing sports, swimming, and even dancing are great forms of exercise. The main motto is to get your body moving only, and this will significantly help boost your immune system. 

Get Enough Sleep 

As a student, it can often become a cause for anxiety not to have enough hours of sleep per day. While your body and mind will technically allow you to scrape through with just the minimum hours of sleep, you will end up hurting your immune system as well as your mental health by doing so. 

A few ways to ensure that you get enough hours of sleep are to:

  • Switch off all your gadgets and distracting elements 1 hour before bed-time
  • Schedule a regular bed-time and stick to it every day 
  • Don’t snack or drink carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks or alcohol before bed 
  • Engage in peaceful and stress-free activities before bed, winding down activities like reading a book, listening to a podcast, etc. 
  • Download an app which allows you to measure how many hours of sleep you are getting per night, and which will automatically wind down your other apps an hour before bed 

Avoid Smoking 

There will always be temptations and a desire to smoke, especially when you are a young student studying abroad. You might think of doing it just because it looks cool, or maybe all your friends are doing it.

You might even develop a taste for it. However, tobacco is, in fact, an addictive substance, and it can be tough to let go of the habit once you have developed it. 

The best thing to do is to avoid smoking altogether; however, if you are already a smoker, you can think of reducing and then finally quitting. It helps to find like-minded friends who will leave with you so that you always have accountability.

Smoking is not only dangerous for your lungs, your throat, your heart, and even your mental health, but it also weakens your immunity, making it easier for you to get sick. Kick the habit as soon as possible to boost your immune system. 

Get Healthy 

When living abroad, you will be faced with all kinds of delicious, tempting, and sometimes even wrong foods! Of course, no one is telling you to abstain from all these foods altogether. It is fine to eat junk food once in a while. It only gets worrisome when most of your diet consists of unhealthy foods. 

Including fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, and good fats in your diet is essential to have a robust immune system. Food is the fuel of the car, which is your body.

Without the right kind of fuel, your body will fail even to complete its basic tasks quickly, making you sluggish, weak, and vulnerable. While regular exercise is essential, it is almost rendered useless if you do not maintain a healthy diet along with it. 

Go Outdoors 

It is no surprise here that getting some natural Vitamin D from the sun can do wonders for your immune system. Being cooped up in your room with studies and going to the gym will not ensure that you are as fit as a fiddle. It is important to go outdoors and soak in the sun as well. 

However, the most important thing to remember here is to have adequate protection. This means wearing good quality sunscreen and carrying a hat. While Vitamin D from the sun is excellent for your immune system.

The UV rays from the sun can have adverse effects, so it is essential to be careful. It would help if you also remembered to hydrate yourself regularly, whether you are out in the sun or even indoors. 

These are just some of the simple tips that you can keep in mind when you want to boost your immune system. These tips will, of course, need to be practised over time, but your body and health will thank you for it! 

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