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Why are International Students Enthusiastic to Study in Switzerland?

Swiss is famous for many things worldwide like Swiss Cheese, Swiss chocolates, and Swiss Army knife. However, it is not well-known for its education system.

The Swiss education system holds a prestigious place in the world. Switzerland offers both national and international students with a plethora of opportunities. Switzerland has a lot of Universities that got ranked under 200 internationally.

The country itself is driven by an excellent education system, innovation, and cutting-edge research. Switzerland is also a promoter of global participation; therefore, it an ideal option to study abroad for international students.

In a survey conducted among 7000 international students studying abroad, 228 students reviewed the experience of studying in Switzerland. They gave an excellent rating of 8.9 out of 10.

Many University in Switzerland has received many prestigious awards like International Student Satisfaction etc. There are a lot of reasons to choose Switzerland to study.

The lifestyle that Switzerland offers, the beautiful city, nature, good government policies, and overall an excellent research environment that brilliant young minds can cherish. Here are some reasons as to Why International Students are Enthusiastic to Study in Switzerland?

High-Quality Education

This is the crucial factor for every student to decide which country and which university to choose. The reputation and ranking of the university is an essential point to take into consideration while opting to study abroad.

Most of the Universities in Switzerland are highly reputed across the world. Switzerland offers an innovative environment for every researcher and student. So, they can express their autonomy and receive a global-minded, high-quality education at the same time.

There are many universities in Switzerland that are among the top 200 Universities across the world. The landscape of Swiss education consists of two Federal institutes of technology and 10 Cantonal Universities. In addition to this, they also have two private and seven public Universities for Applied Sciences, and these Universities are more professionally-oriented.

Affordable Costs

Switzerland has high standard public Universities that provide high-quality education and cutting-edge technology for modern research and development for both National and International students.

Since many universities in Switzerland are public-funded, it becomes affordable for students who are wishing to study abroad. As a matter of fact, the average cost for tuition per year is just $1000 for Swiss students and $1100 for non-Swiss students.

Driven by Innovation

Switzerland is highly ranked internationally in terms of most competitive economies and most innovations in the world. It got rated top 5 among the most number of Nobel Prizes won. And, the country has a very reputed research facility CERN, which is situated in Geneva.

The most famous physicist Sir Albert Einstein has also received his formal education in Switzerland. The private sector in Switzerland is also highly invested in research areas.

High Standard of Living and Diversity

The living cost in Switzerland is quite expensive, but it is among the top 10 across the world. Switzerland is situated on the crossroads of many cultures and languages, resulting in high diversity among the population of Switzerland.

Best Scholarships to Study in Switzerland

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists

The Swiss Government is proud to provide Excellence Scholarships for master’s degree or PhD and at foreign artists. Candidates must be holding a bachelor’s degree program for the 2020-21 academic years. The scholarship award will be based on academic and scientific excellence.

Provided By:  Swiss Government
Course: Master’s degree or PhD
On the basis of academic and scientific excellence
Application Deadline: 
Apply Now

American University in Switzerland International Scholarships

American University in Switzerland is providing scholarships to the brightest students. The university offers these grants to those eligible candidates who have a desire to study any of their chosen degree at any recognized university in Switzerland. The scholarships will cover 10-20% of student’s tuition fees.

Provider: American University in Switzerland
10-20% of student’s tuition fees
September, January, and April
Apply Now

International Academic Scholarship at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is offering the International Academic Scholarship in Switzerland for the academic year 2020-2021. The studentship will be granted to foreign students enrolled in a master’s degree program at university. The grants cover the study fees and housing costs in full (university student accommodation) for the duration of a master’s degree course.

Provider: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
May 1, 2020
Apply Now

SCS Foundation Alfred Werner Masters Scholarship Program in Switzerland, 2020-2022

SCS Foundation is organizing the Masters Scholarship Program for talented foreign students to perform their MSc studies at one of the partner universities in Switzerland. The foundation will provide CHF 25’000 each as a one-time contribution to the cost of the 2-year Master study program.

Provider: SCS Foundation
March 31, 2020
Apply Now

Full Tuition MEIG Master Awards at the University of Geneva in Switzerland

The University of Geneva in Switzerland is pleased to give scholarship opportunity for Master of Advanced Studies in European and International Governance (MEIG Programme) academic year 2020-2021. These are available for students from all around the world. A range of different awards is offered to help cover tuition fees.

Provider: University of Geneva
March 1, 2020
Apply Now

École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Summer Fellowships to International Students, Switzerland

International candidates are invited to apply for the summer fellowships program. The program is organized by the School of Computer and Communication Sciences of the École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. Applicants must be enrolled in the 2nd year Bachelor or above. The educational award provides a living allowance of CHF of 1,600.

Provided By:  École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Course:  Graduate and postgraduate degree program
Award:  CHF of 1,600
Application Deadline:  1st February each year, 15th November each year
Apply Now

Young Researchers (PhD and Postdoctoral Level) Scholarships at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, 2020

The University of Fribourg has established Young Researchers Scholarships for PhD and Postdoctoral students. Applicant must have a minimum inscription of two semesters at a foreign university. The financial support amounts to CHF 1900 / month for PhD candidates and CHF 2700 / month for Doctor’s.

Provided By:  University of Fribourg
Course:  Young researchers PhD and Postdoctoral)
Award:  CHF 1900 and CHF 2700 / month
Application Deadline:  February 28 and July 31
Apply Now

Top 10 Universities in Switzerland

RankingUniversity NameTuition fee
1ETH Zürich1,229 CHF, International tuition 1,229 CHF
2Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne1,266 CHF, International tuition 1,266 CHF
3University of Zurich720 CHF, International tuition 1,220 CHF
4University of Baselpublic higher education institution in Switzerland. 1,714 USD/year. 1,714 USD/year
5University of Bern 1,310 CHF
6University of Geneva1,000 CHF
7University of LausanneVaries
8 Università Della Svizzera Italiana CHF 2’000
9 University of Fribourg Varies
10University of St. Gallen Domestic tuition 1,226 CHF, International tuition 3,126 CHF
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